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Random idiocy of the moment:

For privacy's sake, I've renamed these guys to "Player 1" and "Player 2."

Player 1: "I personally do NOT want to see [Castlevania III] on the VC. Get an emulator if you want to play it so badly. Or better yet, get 10 bucks and buy an NES." (Yes, let's spend at least $10 more on the real thing.)
Player 2: "Why would you have a problem with a game being on VC? I do not see why adding games would be a bad thing."
Player 1: "Because you are paying for something you could all ready get for free. I have a strong distaste for Nintendo's VC. " (Yeah, fuck supporting the people who make the games. And let's not forget you telling us to spend $10 instead of $5, and then telling us we can get this shit for free, VERY logical statement there.)

Emulators aside, what is so bad about Virtual Console? Granted, there's the original format, but is five bucks for an NES game gonna KILL YOU?

In other news, I have quit Melee. Forever.
apollo justice

I strive to destroy the universe.

How does a mostly-ordinary 19-year-old college noob go about destroying the universe, you ask?
- Sitting with my legs closed or crossed like a girl's.
- Believing that relationships don't have to have sex--at least until marriage.
- And for that matter, believing love exists and that there is more to dating than getting laid.
- Playing mostly 2D games, when I could be playing better genres of games like FPS's and RTS's.
- Listening to eurobeat and game soundtracks.
- Majoring in computer science.
- Playing arcade games, especially racing games instead of fighters.
- Playing DJMAX, IIDX, and Pop'n, instead of Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
- Driving a hybrid car.
- Commuting by bus instead of car--at least for 75% of my trip.
- Buying games and music, as opposed to just pirating it. (Fortunately for you, I'm not RawSteelUT, and don't necessarily wail on pirates)
- Going to a major university, yet not partying (due to parents) or getting drunk off my ass (my decision).
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Best press conference ever, and for one single reason

A number of games are slated for 2009, including a new Punch-Out!! ™ and Sin & Punishment 2 for Wii, and Fire Emblem™: Shadow Dragon and Mario & Luigi™ RPG 3 for Nintendo DS™.

As a fan of rail shooters, a highly endangered species of games, as well as a fan of the original S&P, all I have to say is...FUCK YEAH!!

Also, jacked from darksakura:

So Palin can't name any Supreme Court decisions besides Roe v. Wade. The rules: post information about ONE Supreme Court decision, modern or historical, on your LJ. (Any decision, as long as it's not Roe v. Wade.) For those who see this on your f-list, take the meme to your OWN LJ to spread the fun!


Marbury v Madison

Two words: SUPREMACY CLAUSE. The Constitution is above the laws of the United States. Also, Original Jurisdiction was a big part.


McCulloch v Maryland

State government may in no way hinder the legitimate action of the federal government. Doctrine of IMPLIED POWERS!


Miller v California

Pornography ruling. Society and value determine what obscenity is.


Engel v Vitale

Prayer in school, mandated by the government, violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.


Plessy v. Ferguson

Established that public facilities segregated by race were constitutional. Overturned a little over half a century later.

See? I actually learned shit from high school!

Sadly, I only saw about half an hour of the debate, because I had to tend to matters for this one club I'm in.