oh shit

15 lives + Hard last stage = DESPAIR

A painful reminder of why immortality sucks:
Gradius II (Famicom version). Last stage. Brain section with spawning cell things at the beginning. I just died from materializing wall area, with no powerups. Also, I went up from 10 lives before the previous stage's boss to 15 (it yields some massive 6-digit point bonus when defeated). SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS TORTURE.


And why is LJ being an asshole and locking up Firefox for like 10 seconds half the time I try to go to another page?
vic viper

My OLR/USL March Madness list.

  1. Pop'n Music
  2. Tetris: The Grand Master
  3. Gradius Gaiden
  4. Beatmania IIDX
  5. Rez
  6. La-Mulana
  7. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
  8. Ace Attorney
  9. Super Metroid
  10. Mega Man 9
  11. Cave Story
  12. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  13. Para Para Paradise
  14. Daytona USA
  15. DoDonPachi
  16. Cho Ren Sha 68K
  17. O2Jam
  18. Time Crisis
  19. DJ MAX Portable
  20. Rock Band
  21. The World Ends With You
  22. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  23. Pump It Up
  24. Trauma Center: New Blood
  25. Mars Matrix
toilet on the left up the stairs


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Somehow I saw my grade change from 1 to S1 during the 200-300 range so I'm like "holy shit how'd this happen so fast."

I would've played TGM2+ but I'm at a library right now with 2 other people sharing the table, and I don't wanna piss them off with my constant *taptap*ing.

(For those unfamiliar with the TGM branch of Tetris, you can learn more about it here.)

(in before "but all tetrises are the same!")

(also in before me going "but, but, level by piece and shit!")
toilet on the left up the stairs


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I had previously attempted this at another GameStop, but I made the mistake of leaving my KFP/LIJ box sealed, so I couldn't trade it in anymore there.

So I hauled ass to the one at the mall down the street, and was a little unnerved to find that the tag on B-OS read $29.99 instead of $19.99 like at the one I was just at. What put a smile back on my face was the clerk telling me that the game was really $20.

All in all, I sold a pack-in set of games that I didn't care for, and got a soon-to-be-rare Treasure title without expending a single real penny. Suckers.

All I can say about B-OS is: MORE. FUCKING. DAKKA. It's kicking loads of ass, and it's kicking mine's too--what other game has a tutorial mode where you can DIE? And with 160 stages (and room for 24 customs), this is gonna get a lot of play time for a $20 game. It's joined the list of bargin games that are most definitely not bargin bin trash.

Space Invaders Extreme > $20
Star Soldier R > $8
Gradius Gaiden (which is > V, which in turn is >>> III SNES) > $30
$0 > Crysis

On the darker side, Ketsui Death Label is not looking so hot. Broken scoring + 20 lives = lose.