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Fanime 2009 Report

Pictures! (Click the links on the left side of the page labeled "day0," "day1," etc.)

Thursday - Pre-registration day
  • Left SJSU campus around 3:30PM after having taken a final (which wasn't really a final so much as "turn in crap that I already did a week and a half ago).
  • Waited in line for about 2 1/2 hours. In the mean time I did some PictoChat and played some Mario Kart DS with 2 girls behind me.
  • Badge GET!
  • Gaming room was open to public, so I played some NiGHTS, Pop'n Music 14, among other things.
  • Saw the most badass CS IIDX setup: Actual arcade hardware modified to be hooked up to a PS2.
  • Bought a Neon Genesis Evangelion doujin at the swap meet, as well as vol. 4-6 of NGE Angelic Days for $15.
  • Left around 9-9:30PM so I could catch the light rail back to my park and ride lot.

Friday: - Of the four actual con days, the least amount of action seems to happen on this day.
  • Arrived around 11 PM, checked into hotel, switched to cosplay.
  • More eGaming stuff; Kitaru arrived so he set up his sticks in front of the supergun.
  • Went to dealer's room and bought a Go board and a Sega Saturn for $55.
  • More swap meet. This time bought Giga Wing and Gunbird 2, a Dreamcast fight pad, but couldn't find any Saturn games. :( Tried to snap up a Rei Ayanami poster from a friend's post but some other guy beat me to it.
  • holy crap my money really went down the shitter

Saturday: - This is when interesting stuff starts to happen.
  • Intended to wake up around 9 AM with just enough time to prepare for Ace Attorney gathering, but woke up at 7 instead to my dismay.
  • My breakfast: yogurt parfait. Which was NOT breakfast material.
  • Went to the Ace Attorney gathering. Sadly, it did not live up to last year's; the main gathering didn't last as long, didn't bother to exchange contact info, and didn't have post-gathering dinner like last year.
  • However, I did come across some of the AA gathering people again by accident on the way back from Pizza My Heart. To avoid the protesters, I entered through the Marriott side of the con center, went up the stairs, looked to my left, and lo and behold, AA gathering part 2.
  • Bought some Pop'n charms from Lisu at the artists' room.
  • Decided to play some Go with Michael on my new magnetic board, though him attending a couple tourmanents made us make the decision to have a rematch later (though that didn't happen).
  • Played some cosplay chess. Half the time I'm on white teamed up with at least four Prince Of Tennis cosplayers, half the time I'm on black teamed up with Naruto as king and Sakura as queen. It was pretty fun, even if I only had 1 round where I actually moved a lot.
  • Went to Yaoi-Con bingo for shits and giggles. Didn't win anything.

Sunday: - The last real day.
  • Decided to hit up the Fanimaid cafe with some friends. It was alright, though my maid for this year wasn't as good as the ones from last year or the year before.
  • More cosplay chess. Made a few interesting friends there.
  • Switched out my really crappy bag with a much less crappy Lain bag.
  • Was contemplating going to B&W ball, and kept changing minds due to a number of factors: cold outside weather, not knowing how to dance, letting the latter two get in the way of going to the damn ball, etc. Then I saw my roommates head to the ball and decided to go, but chickened out at last second. In hindsight, that was a very, very regretful decision.
  • Went to Banzai Arcade, which was very awesome compared to last year's. Loved the new question enemies.

Monday: - The conclusion.
  • Stopped by the The World Ends With You gathering for a bit.
  • Met up with a friend from cosplay chess.
  • Went to closing ceremonies.
  • Hung around with Miki, Kenchan, and shut up kitaru after closing ceremonies until my ride showed up. Not a bad way to spend my last few hours at the con I guess.

Overall, Fanime '09 went very well. Loved the gaming room this year, made some new and particularly interesting friends, and had some unique experiences. Though there were some things I regretted not doing, like B&W Ball, missing the Evangelion debate, and not walking around outside of the gaming room enough.

There's always next year I guess. See you all in 2010!

~ Ray
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