Ray Ayanami (gs68) wrote,
Ray Ayanami

randomness from #arika

[171345] <regret> [17:05:02] <gs68> burger king did this shtoooooooooopid promo where you delete 10 facebook friends for a whopper
[171347] <regret> wtf
[171358] <gs68> yeah, it does exist
[171359] <regret> I'd add 10 random people and then delete them
[171402] <gs68> it's called "whopper sacrifice"
[171410] <gs68> or, make a new account
[171413] <gs68> add 10 randoms
[171413] <regret> or, 10 people could make fake accounts
[171421] <gs68> yeah, that could work
[171421] <regret> and everyone uses those 10 people
[171433] <gs68> lol cheating the system
[171442] <regret> I could also give myself a ton of egg breaker hammers
[171503] <gs68> of course.
[171503] <regret> not that I need many anymore... I get 585 per day
[171556] <regret> 25 from a friend, and buy 100, so 710 a day really
Tags: #arika, burger king, egg breaker, irc, shtoopid
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