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How do I popped music?

Yay, I have Semagic once again. No more trudging through LJ's slowassness just to make an entry.

So in lieu of a job (since those are Nintendo Hard to find anyways), I've decided to limit my spending so I can save up for Pop'n Music. I'm limiting myself to $5 a day; every day, I take 10 minus money spent and add that to my current progress.

Currently I have $16 out of 70 saved up for PnM13. I'm getting the game first because at least I can still play it somehow...on a IIDX con or a Dualshock. It's better than controller but no game.

Also, if you're gonna IM me, tell me who you are, or I will block you. I don't care if you're screwing around, fucking answer me, dammit.
Tags: pop'n music
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