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Item #: SCP-6568

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6568 is to be kept in a room of 10ft x 10ft, with an average temperature of 72 F. He is to be provided with any accomodations that he requests, as long as those accomodations do not violate SCP protocol.

To date, SCP-6568 has requested the following:

* A bunk bed with the lower bunk removed to make room for a desk. (Approved)
* A PC with a selection of computer games. (Approved, selections deemed safe, but DUDE IT'S JUST T████S, JUST PICK ANY FREAKIN' T████S CLONE AND BE HAPPY WITH IT)
* One Pop'n Music 16 Party arcade machine. (Approved, though why he would favor some crazy Japanese speed game over Guitar Hero or Rock Band is a mystery)
* An iPod Touch with a variety of video game soundtracks and eurobeat. (Denied; video game "music" is not music and eurobeat is just cheesy Japanese techno.)
* Selected Japanese animation shows on DVD. (Denied; content deemed as only approriate for Caucasians who want to be Japanese and have nonexitent social lives.)
* A desk to bang his head on in light of the two denials. (Approved, then subjected him to a gesture involving raising one's middle finger.)

SCP-6568 is free to leave his room, but must be accompanied by a staff member with at least Level-2 security clearance. He requests that the attendee be a "tsundere," whatever that means.

Description: SCP-6568, otherwise known as Raymond "Ayanami" ███████, is a Filipino male, 20 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 178 pounds in weight. SCP-6568 appears to be a normal human being—he eats, drinks, performs bodily functions, face palms, etc.

His most outstanding characteristic is his mastery of video games. He has been shown to play certain video games with flawless skill.

However, this ability only applies to select video games. He will play two-dimensional scrolling shooter games until the score display maxes out, plays rhythm games with perfect timing, and can play certain versions of the block-stacking video game T████s with his eyes closed. Those kind of games are where his ability ends. In various demonstrations, SCP-6568 has been shown to play three-dimensional video games and fighting games with extremely poor skill, despite his best efforts. Additionally, faliure at such games throws him into a serious depression that negates his ability to play games that he is otherwise exceptional at.

Document #6568-1: Experiment 6568/TI

SCP-6568 was granted access to SCP-████, otherwise known as an arcade machine of the video game T████s: The G███d M████r 3 - T████r-I██████t. Prior to this experiment, SCP-6568 had no T████s experience whatsoever. On his first try, he selected the "Master" mode and achieved the rank of "Master M." Within 13 more credits, he had triggered the promotional exam for the rank of "G███d M████r" and completed it successfully. Each time, SCP-6568 was able to complete the invisible challenge at the end of each round, getting only four-line clears.

Document #6568-2: Experiment 6568/SSBM

SCP-6568 played one round of the fighting game Super Smash Bros Melee agaist Agent ██████, who has had no prior video game experience. The agent and SCP-6568 were put under controlled match conditions: the match rule is a three-life survival match, items are turned off, they may only use the top-tier character Fox McCloud, and they must play on the stage "Final Destination," an extremely flat stage. Within thirty seconds, Agent ██████ had depleted all of SCP-6568's stock.

SCP-6568 was then pitted against SCP-590, with SCP-6568 using Fox again and SCP-590 using the bottom-tier character Bowser. SCP-6568 was given a two-life head start, with him at two lives and SCP-590 at one. SCP-6568 was easily defeated regardless, unable to inflict any damage on SCP-590's character.

Document #6568-3: Experiment 6568/G3

SCP-6568 was granted access to SCP-████, otherwise known as an arcade machine of the video game Gradius III: From Legend to Myth. He asked personnel to change the difficulty level of the machine to its hardest setting and the number of lives to one. He cleared the first two playthroughs of the game, showing no signs of tension, nervousness, or fear, then asked to leave because the game was getting "shockingly boring."

Document #6568-4: Experiment 6568/TF2

To test SCP-6568's ability to cope with a third dimension in computer games, he was invited to one of the SCP Foundation's LAN parties for a few rounds of the first-person shooter Team Fortress 2. In each round, team damage was turned on. Each round, SCP-6568 continously killed his teammates by accident, accidentally contributed to the opponent's team's goals, and committed other mishaps that angered his teammates. Said teammates proceeded to gang up on him in a violent altercation that left SCP-6568 with a black eye, sprained neck, anal bleeding, and a bloody nose. Derogatories directed at him included "noob," "fag," "retard," "failure at life," "you ████ing suck," and "███piper." All staff who participated in this senseless act were terminated.

Document #6568-5: Experiment 6568/TI2

After the brutal altercation in Experiment 6568/TF2, SCP-6568 fell into a near-cataconic depression. Staff told him to relax, reassured him that it was "just a game," and ordered to play a few rounds of T████s: T█e G███d M████r 3 to relax. SCP-6568's phenomenal skill had left him—he could no longer earn a rank of 8 or higher in T██3's Master mode, and could not finish Easy mode. SCP-6568 fell into an even deeper state of depression and locked up his room. When a staff member arrived to give him his dinner, he told him to "████ off" and to "leave me alone."

Addenum 6568-A: Following Experiment 6568/TI2, SCP-6568 is not to be allowed to play any fighting games or three-dimensional games of any kind. Further exposure may drive him to an XD-class f███-my-life scenario.

Addenum 6568-B: Additional parts of the file have been screened out to avoid legal action from T█e T████s C█████y and A██ka Co Ltd. The SCP Foundation will not be flagged.
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randomness from #arika

[171345] <regret> [17:05:02] <gs68> burger king did this shtoooooooooopid promo where you delete 10 facebook friends for a whopper
[171347] <regret> wtf
[171358] <gs68> yeah, it does exist
[171359] <regret> I'd add 10 random people and then delete them
[171402] <gs68> it's called "whopper sacrifice"
[171410] <gs68> or, make a new account
[171413] <gs68> add 10 randoms
[171413] <regret> or, 10 people could make fake accounts
[171421] <gs68> yeah, that could work
[171421] <regret> and everyone uses those 10 people
[171433] <gs68> lol cheating the system
[171442] <regret> I could also give myself a ton of egg breaker hammers
[171503] <gs68> of course.
[171503] <regret> not that I need many anymore... I get 585 per day
[171556] <regret> 25 from a friend, and buy 100, so 710 a day really
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My GameFAQs Best Game Ever list.

So GameFAQs is doing their own "best games" contest, and I thought I'd pitch in.

Now, being GFAQs and all, I know what half the stuff I nominated have no chance ever (every rhythm game except Rock Band, every shuutingu geemu), but whatever!

None of these are in any particular order:
  • Pop'n Music
  • Cave Story
  • Gradius Gaiden
  • Mega Man 9
  • Tetris: The Grand Master
  • Rez HD
  • BeatMania IIDX
  • Super Metroid
  • Rock Band
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
  • DJ Max Portable
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • Daytona USA
  • DJ Max Technika
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How do I popped music?

Yay, I have Semagic once again. No more trudging through LJ's slowassness just to make an entry.

So in lieu of a job (since those are Nintendo Hard to find anyways), I've decided to limit my spending so I can save up for Pop'n Music. I'm limiting myself to $5 a day; every day, I take 10 minus money spent and add that to my current progress.

Currently I have $16 out of 70 saved up for PnM13. I'm getting the game first because at least I can still play it somehow...on a IIDX con or a Dualshock. It's better than controller but no game.

Also, if you're gonna IM me, tell me who you are, or I will block you. I don't care if you're screwing around, fucking answer me, dammit.
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